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About PLUS Consulting

At Plus Consulting, we take pride in offering you a unique and exceptional experience when it comes to creating positive culture, organizational development and training.


Our purpose is to make happiness at work the rule, not the exception, and to assist organizations, managers, and employees in enhancing their happiness and productivity.

With over 15 Years of experience, with clients like NICE, IBM, Cyberint, Amdocs, Intel, Neopharm,, Checkmarx, Radware, and more, our specialization lies in applying evidence-based concepts and tools from the field of positive psychology and organizational happiness and well-being. 

Global Reach: As the Israeli representative of Woohoo Inc., operating in over 50 countries to promote happiness in the workplace, we are also proud partners of Conscious Capitalism in Israel.


Professionalism and Enthusiasm: Our diverse team provides hands-on guidance for workshop success and real-world impact, and approaches every task with passion and dedication, ensuring the well-being of individuals and organizations. 

Greater Mission: We strongly believe that every individual deserves to experience happiness in their work, and it is the joint responsibility of both employees and managers to cultivate a positive work environment.


Let's embark on this journey together. Contact us today to explore how Plus Consulting can make a positive difference in your organization's growth and success.

  Ready to Transform?  


1. Positive Leadership Training Program

In today's ever-changing world, organizations face a constant whirlwind of challenges and high-pressure situations. Recent disruptive events like the impact of COVID-19, the great resignations, global geopolitical conflicts, and economic downturns have underscored the need for a fresh approach to leadership. The days of leaders solely fixated on financial results are behind us. Now, successful leadership involves adeptly steering through crises, nurturing a commitment to excellence, building strong team bonds, and empowering individuals – a paradigm we fondly call Positive Leadership.

Positive Leadership is a transformative leadership approach that extends beyond traditional management. It's about cultivating positive relationships, fostering a sense of purpose, and meaning, and nurturing a culture of positivity within organizations.

“Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership” 

 -Ralph Marston-

Training Goals & Objectives


  1. Create a platform for managers to build connections and enhance their positive leadership abilities, enabling them to effectively tackle both present and future challenges.

  2. Provide managers with a practical, research-driven toolbox of positive strategies that promote employee retention and foster team success in both personal and professional spheres.

  3. Apply these tools to real work-related challenges, with guidance and support to ensure success.

  4. Empower, invigorate, and encourage collaboration and consultation among peers.


Training Highlights

Our Positive Leadership Training Program goes beyond traditional management to inspire and empower. Here's what it offers:


  1. Enhancing Motivation: Positive psychology tools boost motivation, driving greater enthusiasm and productivity.

  2. Fostering Positive Relationships: Positive leadership places a strong emphasis on forging positive relationships within teams. Leaders who listen, connect, and motivate their teams to foster a sense of engagement and trust.

  3. Promoting Employee Wellbeing: Positive leadership is directly linked to improved employee wellbeing. When leaders prioritize the mental and emotional welfare of their teams, it results in increased job satisfaction, higher engagement levels, and reduced turnover rates.

  4. Cultivating Resilience: Organizations led by positive leaders exhibit greater resilience when facing various challenges, whether they be economic downturns, industry disruptions, or unforeseen crises.

  5. Adopting a Strengths-Based Approach: Our program teaches managers to identify and develop team strengths. This strengths-based approach leads to improved performance and personal growth for individuals.

  6. Creating a Positive Organizational Culture: Positive leadership cultivates an empowering organizational culture. Within this culture, members are valued, a strong sense of belonging is nurtured, and an environment that encourages high performance is established – propelling individuals to thrive.



Who should attend?

  • Our Positive Leadership Training Program prepares you to lead effectively in an era focused on people, not just profits. Be the leader who thrives in change, creating a brighter future. 


  • The training is suitable for managers and team leaders at all levels looking to maximize their leadership skills, job satisfaction, and positive impact on their teams and workplace.


  • Customized training is available to align with your organization's unique goals. 

 Join Our Training Program!


For inquiries and further information, please contact us at

The PLUS Consulting TEAM

2. Unleash Your Strengths Workshop

Unleashing our potential hinges on directing our attention to our strengths, rather than fixating on our weaknesses. By recognizing and leveraging our unique strengths daily, we empower ourselves not only to succeed but to truly thrive. 

Leveraging our strengths paves the way to genuine excellence, whereas addressing our weaknesses demands significant energy and yields limited impact. Building success from weaknesses is highly challenging. 

The science of strengths focuses on exploring individuals' positive attributes instead of their shortcomings, acknowledging the greater difficulty of progressing from incapability to mediocrity compared to advancing from a good performance level to a state of excellence.

The training’s main goal is to help participants identify their core strengths and guide them on how to leverage these strengths to enhance job satisfaction, happiness, and overall performance in the workplace.

"The real tragedy in our lives is not that each of us does not have enough strengths, it's that we fail to use the ones we have." 
-Buckingham & Clifton-

Training Goals & Objectives

  1. Shift your perspective towards management through a positive lens and cultivate a new language for effective communication.

  2. Equip participants with simple yet powerful management tools that foster connectivity, boost energy levels, and promote happiness – both personally and within the work environment.

  3. Practice the tools provided during the workshop in your day-to-day work, with expert guidance and support to ensure seamless integration.

  4. Connect with fellow managers and colleagues, fostering a sense of energy and commitment to implementing these tools at the personal, team, and organizational levels.


Workshop Highlights

  • Strengths Identification: Gain a deep understanding of your unique strengths and how they can be applied to your specific role and responsibilities.

  • Positive Communication: Learn how to communicate effectively and positively, fostering better relationships with colleagues, superiors, and subordinates.

  • Energy and Happiness: Discover techniques to boost your personal energy levels and overall happiness, leading to increased job satisfaction.

  • Team Building: Build connections with fellow participants and create a network of support for implementing these strategies within your teams and organizations.

  • Strengths based leadership: Learn how to utilize strengths in your everyday managerial tasks. 

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is suitable for managers, team leaders, and employees at all levels who are eager to maximize their potential, boost their job satisfaction, and contribute positively to their workplace.


  Join Us!  

We look forward to embarking on this journey of self-discovery and growth with you!

For inquiries and further information, please contact us at:

The PLUS Consulting TEAM


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We believe Happiness comes when you believe in what you are doing, know what you are doing, and love what you are doing.

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