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Playing Happiness at Work


The world around us and the workplace is constantly changing, and the Covid-19 crisis, we have been facing in the past years, has intensified the pace of change, and is causing uncertainty, mental fatigue, and burnout.


The science of positive psychology and happiness at work offers a new set of tools and perspectives that allows us to train and develop a positive organizational culture: A culture that focuses on positivity - celebrating successes, playing to your strengths, and increasing positive emotions. 

This focus leads to better engagement, relatedness, and happiness, directly linked to better organizational results and relationships, or a happier workplace. A positive organizational culture creates better organizations that are more sustainable economically, socially, and psychologically.

We at UPPINESS have developed an exciting game for organizations - It is an interactive and fun online (hybrid, or offline) game that boosts happiness at work by enabling participants to learn tools and solutions from the sciences of happiness at work and positive psychology. 


UPPINESS game allows participants to

  • Solve real workplace challenges using research-based happiness tools 

  • Increase personal and organizational productivity 

  • Cultivate a positive workplace mindset

  • Improve cross-team collaboration 

  • Established a shared happiness language 

  • Recharge players by creating a fun, interactive, and relaxed environment  

  • Boost happiness on the individual, team, and organizational levels

The game is available in both an online version and a hybrid version, allowing it to be integrated into targeted training programs and one-time meetings. The game enables customization of dilemmas to a variety of topics chosen by the organization.


UPPINESS’ mission is to help organizations, managers, and employees be happier and more productive by using tools and principles from Positive Psychology and the science of happiness@work. We offer workshops, lectures, organizational processes, executive coaching, and an interactive online game. 

UPPINESS was founded in 2019 in cohabitation with Dr. Tal Ben Shahar and Happiness Studies Academy and has been working with various worldwide organizations.

For more information you are welcome visit our website:

Oren Appel,

Uppiness Co-founder

"Some days are simply meant for playing" 

Mary Anne Radmacher


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